The Jalmer 10 Point Difference


Exclusive to Jalmer Wrought Iron

  1. Fully welded design that cannot be bent or easily cut to gain access.

  2. Inner and outer steel frame for fixings, rather than into masonry, which makes it difficult to pull from the wall or lift off.

  3. Top quality workmanship for ease of operation and longevity.   No gaps in welds to ensure no water penetration that will cause corrosion and structural damage.

  4. Closing plates over locking mechanism to prevent jimmy-bar access.

  5. Welded pin hinges, so door leafs cannot be lifted off when locked.

  6. Concealed fixings within the frame so they cannot be tampered with when the gate or door is closed.

  7. Stainless steel, anti-tamper screws.

  8. Marine-grade primer to avoid rust and corrosion.

  9. Top quality top coat colours and treatments to maintain finish.

  10. Mortise deadlocks or electronic keypad entry and locking systems.  Also optional extras are flyscreening or pet doors.


In the example shown, we removed the old double gate that was badly rusted, had gaps that would allow forced opening and was in a state of general disrepair.  The fixings were also exposed, which would allow tool access and it had a patio bolt to secure.  The picture below shows the new gate which offers far superior security, as well as far more aesthetically pleasing.