September 11, 2018

Need some inspiration for your next anniversary?  We have built a lot of anniversary gifts so we thought we would pull together some of our favourites and match them up with themes for that year.

From all the ideas below, you can see how versatile this material is in terms of either pure art, functional items to decorate or secure your home and in every colour of the rainbow.

Hallmark Anniversary Gifts By Year Guide (our ideas in blue):

  • Hallmark Anniversary Gifts By Year Guide (our ideas in blue):

    • 1st Anniversary: Paper

    • 2nd Anniversary: Cotton

    • 3rd Anniversary: Leather


August 29, 2018

We have enjoyed working on this whole house concept in East Perth.  This grape vine theme really brings a taste of the Mediterranean to this home, with balustrading, gates, outdoor wall art and interior handrails carrying this theme.

Blue wrens adorn panels throughout, bringing colour and life to the work.

Best of all, this artwork has functional purpose, with balustrades for safety, automated sensor gates for security, handrail for comfort when moving between the floors, and art, in one case to provide reinforcement to a crack in the aging stonework.

So if you are thinking of renovatin...

August 21, 2018

Art Deco is a style of visual arts, architecture and design that appeared in France pre-World War 1 and is still popular today. 

It combines modernist styles with fine craftsmanship and rich materials, representing luxury, glamour, exuberance and progress (def. Wikipedia). 

To create the look and feel of this era for your home, here are some pointers:

Art deco works very well with older federation-style homes, renovated to create eye-catching features that capture the magic of a bygone era, with a focus on using quality materials that last.  It is also not subject to design trends or fa...

May 31, 2018

As most of us now see more electronic than physical post, the humble letterbox is still seen as a "pivotal part of a home".  This description came from a client, who after more than 12 months of building her dream home, didn't quite feel it was 'home' until the letterbox was installed with the shiny street number 24 on the front face.

We have also had clients who wanted more than a simple brick box, and turned to Jalmer for sculptural letterboxes that make a statement as an art feature for the front yard.

The photo gallery above demonstrates the range of letterboxes that we have concepted for ou...

March 26, 2018

Some great memories at the Home Show this year.  We had a fantastic stand location, right near the Colour Your World stage, so we got to hear about all things energy efficient, latest in building technology and products, as well as Ronnie and Georgia from season 13 of The Block.

Thanks to everyone who visited our stand and talked to us about your upcoming building or renovation plans or just to enjoy the artworks on display.  Many people bought artwork for themselves or as gifts for special people - one piece was off to the US and another to Germany!

Our stand is evolving as a mobile gallery whi...

February 23, 2018

A new client came in over the 2017 Armadale HIlls Open Studio Art Trail to commission the piece shown for someone special in her life as a Christmas gift.

After selecting the eucalyptus decoration for a landscape panel, her and her husband were pleased to get this underway, as this person had passed away doing what he loved best - gardening.

On visiting the family member a few weeks later, they were amazed to see some Wayne Jeffery pieces in the same style on the kitchen table.  It turned out this person loved these pieces and had purchased them a few years prior.

It made the delivery of the art...

December 4, 2017

The great news is that you can have something unique for your home, no matter where you are located in Australia or overseas.

This photo was taken of a Jalmer artistic portico door set that has been installed to a home in Canberra, ACT with the client comment "They're just what I had envisioned - the perfect finishing touch".

We worked with the owner to agree on design, including the need for the design to keep in her new puppy!  It also needed to incorporate flyscreening, include her house number and customer-specified door furniture (which we hadn't used before).

The client also wanted no surpr...

November 8, 2017

As we start to see the Christmas decorations appear in the shops, and fruit mince pies in the supermarket, there is no avoiding that Christmas is coming up fast.

Here are our 10 reasons to think about Jalmer gifts this Christmas:

1. All our products are handmade from recycled steel, so you are guaranteed that you are giving something original and unique.

2. Great practical home and officewares mean that you are giving them art they can use and enjoy every day.  We have items from very affordable prices.

3. Buying local keeps your money working in the local community.

4. Looking for something f...

January 12, 2017

After the incredible popularity of the Marri range of home, office, sculpture and architectural artwork, Wayne has a new Princess Gum to add to the range.

The new Princess range is 100% recycled steel and copper wire.  The copper is reclaimed from old extension cords from the workshop.  It is a stunning combination that adds an air of celebration to the artworks.  

Already, we have 3 leaf and 6 leaf pieces available, and on the way are serviette holders, table runners with blue wrens and other home and office wears.

Come into the Gallery Giftshop (Fridays and Saturdays) or come and visi...

January 10, 2017

January is a great time to initiate those projects you have been planning for a while, particularly if it involves artistic ironwork.

Visit the showroom on Fridays or Saturdays to talk through your ideas or send us a photo or a sketch.  We can work through details with you or over email and even work to your budget.

Our showroom always has some unique pieces that you can purchase and take with you (or we can deliver).

Throughout 2017 Jalmer will be highly visible at artistic markets, such as the Perth Makers Market in February where you can visit and talk through your ideas and check out our late...

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