Why copper is the new black: Hot new looks for 2015

After years of white interiors, lots of chrome and angular design, the new look for 2015 is coming back to more natural textures, colours, materials and organic curves.

Copper is making a comeback and looking to be the colour of the season, with a range of softer hues and organic shapes coming to the forefront of design.

The trick in decorating is to use a lot of stone, timber, metals, materials that give a texture that you just want to reach out and touch.

"Think matte-finishes, industrial-styled pieces, craft homewares, organic shapes and textures derived from nature" said Tucker & Negus Interior Design's Matt Tucker, recently published in the Summer 2014/15 edition of Home Base Magazine*.

"Think botany, insect prints, fossils, bone, wood, park, stone and organic shapes. We are also leaning toward steel, copper, pewter, gold and other metal accents in preference to just chrome and steel."

As for colours, Mr Tucker expects everything from muted pastels, smokey grewys, soft neutrals and metal hues to rich leather and marine tones, as well as jewel and fruit colours.

"Prints and patterns are definitely on the rise. On the one side we see fluid looking prints, peacock feature patterns, photographic images and on the other we see strong geometric shapes, 3D patterns and repeated forms".

Wayne Jeffery, from Jalmer has been working with copper antique finishes for his clients, as he feels it gives a softer finish to the silver accents that were popular.

"Jalmer is all about organic wrought iron shapes and design, so it looks like it is alive and to be interacted with. Many of our clients want special touches such as eucalyptus leaves or a blue wren perched on a post so they have something truly unique.

"Our Signature Scrolls design is extremely popular as it gives a spectacular entrance option, that ties into any design - from modern to traditional architecture. The reason our clients choose Jalmer, is that the scrolls aren't just welded together in an arbitrary way - I literally create every one as a unique artwork with it's own pattern flow. It's what sets us apart." Said Wayne.

We also created a patio table that was also painted with a copper hue, that blended perfectly with the lighter sandstone, art glass and timber accents of the client's newly landscaped backyard by Martin Cuthbert Landscapes.

"This table is right on trend, with the table looking like it was growing out of the stone floor," said Wayne Jeffery.

For a consultation to see how we can add some metal accents to your home or commercial building, please contact us.

For more design options - see our gallery.

Reference: Trend Forecast, Home Base Magazine, Summer 2014/15 edition.

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