Greek Isles style

Do you want to bring a touch of the Greek Isles to your home?

Are you wanting to tie a 'look' all the way through your home renovation?

Ironwork is the perfect way to achieve this through designs with themes that carry through the entire home.

Jalmer has completed works for people wanting 'Modern Gothic' or the 'Greek Isles'. The versatility of iron and working with a designer such as Wayne Jeffery, means you can bring in recogisable elements, but modernise it to fit in with more contemporary home designs.

"I absolutel love to help clients create a feel for their home. Whether it is a place or a period of time or just wanting nature to be a part of your landscape," said designer Wayne Jeffery.

"I am working with clients who love their horses, so on their agistment property in the Perth Hills, we are creating scenes that reflect their love of the landscape and the interaction with their horses".

"For another, it was wanting to reflect french provincial style, but rather than using the same designs that have been seen for decades, we integrated vine leaves to create a point of difference and an element of nature."

For a consultation to see how we can add some metal accents to your home or commercial building, please contact us.

For more design options - see our gallery.

Reference: Trend Forecast, Home Base Magazine, Summer 2014/15 edition.

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