'The Traveller' the story behind the work

All of Wayne's art has a story and we find there is one person out there who just says 'they have to have it!'

This piece was no different. Wayne built the stand a few years ago, originally intended to be an umbrella stand but it just didn't 'work'. So it was set aside until the right inspiration surfaced...

The turtle was built as a test for Wayne, who loves recreating nature from recycled steel. Again, his intention was to put it into a console table for the gallery, but again the right inspiration was not revealing itself.

Roll on 2 years and Jalmer were a last minute addition to the HIA Home Show. There was a spot bare and needing some inspiration... so Wayne went home and put the stand with the Turtle, and voila...'The Traveller' was born.

The sculptured stand allows the turtle to appear like he is above a vortex of water, but is somehow suspended in mid-air. The expressive face of the turtle is wise, serene and accepting of what life throws in his path. The colours of his shell are irridescent in the light.

The Traveller received a lot of attention from the visitors over the weekend, but along came a buyer that just had to have him. So off he went after the show to his new home in Mount Pleasant, where no doubt he will weather new storms and gaze serenely at all before him.


#jalmer #perth #waynejeffery #architecturalironwork #moderniron #mancave #mirrors #wroughtirondoors

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