Gates that are more than meets the eye...

This property owner in Ascot was looking to make a statement with front gates and infill panels that fit perfectly with the river outlook of the street, with its local birdlife, reeds and eucalyptus branches to create a perfect entry to the beautiful home.

What is not so obvious is the fact that this property is now fully secure with the following features:

- fully welded design, so there is no accessing through panels and the variable heights make it difficult to climb over;

- hidden electric motors that cannot be tampered with, and that respond to the owners remote control and intercom system;

All this on gates that look like a piece of artwork and create a true wow-factor that really gets noticed.

For more details contact Wendy at Jalmer on or 0414 063 250.

#jalmer #perth #waynejeffery #antique

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