Functional and artistic balcony features

Rather than filling a gap where the hot summer sun hits thier balcony with an extension of awning, this Mandurah client decided to do something a bit special.

After seeing Jalmer at the last HIA Home Show, they made contact to see if we could build a piece of artwork on a hinge, that could close over and block out the harsh afternoon sun, and then be opened as a piece of wall art for other times of the day.

Shown in the closed position, this artwork features local fauna, such as the pelican, pink snapper and whiting, which are common to the Mandurah water systems.

The panel is secured with drop bolts that are almost invisible, but provide a locking system both to the pillar of the balcony and then to the wall when open.

There are line drawing and sculptural elements, to add visual interest to this feature and are made from recycled steel. The coral, fish and piers are 3D, and the different textures allow the use of colour and various elements to take on different dimensions.

The piece will have blue toughened 6mm tinted glass fixed to the design (not shown in this photo to provide a better view of the artwork).

This demonstrates the ability to incorporate artwork into your life, whether you have a large backyard or a small balcony space. Smaller areas just require a bit more thought and when the piece can serve a functional purpose, it makes this investment a true enhancement to the liveability of this unit.

For more information about custom ironwork, please contact us at Jalmer by email or phone 08 9526 2035 or check out our website

For gift ideas - go to our Art Shop.

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