Grape vines bring a touch of the wine region to Perth homes - in many forms

A new design that has proven very popular for Perth clients is our Grape panels. They vary from a vine winding its way over standard bars, through to a completely organic vine that makes up the entire balustrade (as shown in the picture).

More examples are shown in our 'Gates and Fences' Gallery page.

Our clients love the outlook from their properties that brings a touch of the South of France or Margaret River wine region to their suburban properties.

Each piece is different, as it is made from recycled steel and components. The bunches of grapes are even coloured a beautiful rich claret colour, making them look good enough to eat. Most jobs also have a few blue wrens adorning the piece, which brings it to life.

"The great thing about this design, is that it is customisable to most budgets, as we can scale up or down the level of sculptural work to suit. As it is made from recycled steel, it also means every work is unique, as there is no way I could repeat the exact same design twice", said Wayne Jeffery, artist at Jalmer.

This range can be made into doors (front door, cellar doors), front fences, balustrades, landscape features, large and small-scale sculpture and even homewares such as table cloth weights, so the homeowner or designer can theme the home with touches in unexpected places.

For more information about custom ironwork, please contact us at Jalmer by email or phone 08 9526 2035 or check out our website

For gift ideas - go to our Art Shop.

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