More than just a letterbox...

As most of us now see more electronic than physical post, the humble letterbox is still seen as a "pivotal part of a home". This description came from a client, who after more than 12 months of building her dream home, didn't quite feel it was 'home' until the letterbox was installed with the shiny street number 24 on the front face.

We have also had clients who wanted more than a simple brick box, and turned to Jalmer for sculptural letterboxes that make a statement as an art feature for the front yard.

The photo gallery above demonstrates the range of letterboxes that we have concepted for our clients. From a face plate to marry into art deco architectural features, to a box installed into a fence panel, a standalone lightbox and 3D sculpture, there are many options to consider.

Our letterboxes are as unique as our clients are, from a wheatbelt or African savannagh scene to barramundis and blue wrens - we can bring your ideas to life.

All our boxes have A4 size boxes, sealed to be fully watertight, with spring loaded front plates and a cam lock on the back. For boxes that require electrical access, we enable easy access with a removable plate on the back.

There are now even lockable boxes for package delivery that are worth considering.

We have regular open studio days and events, so connect with us to know where our mobile gallery will turn up next or for our next Open Studio Saturday.

For more information please contact us at Jalmer by email or phone 08 9526 2035 or check out our website


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