Security with artistic flair for this summer

It is a time of opening doors to let in the cool breeze or heading away for holidays, and you want to do this with peace of mind that your family and your home are safe this summer.

You can achieve this, while adding something of beauty to your home that will add value rather than detract from your home aesthetic. With the magic of ironwork, there is no design limitation on what you can achieve - whether it is a Celtic masterpiece or a eucalyptus tree branch!

Jalmer wrought iron doors and entrances offers a 10-point approach to securing your home:

1.Fully welded design that cannot be bent or twisted to gain access.

2.Inner and outer frame for fixings, rather than fixing directly into masonry/bricks.

3.Closing plates over locking mechanism to prevent jimmy-bar access or tampering.

4.Welded pin hinges, so door leafs cannot be lifted off when locked.

5.Concealed fixings within the frame so they cannot be tampered with when door is closed.

6.Stainless steel, anti-tamper screws used.

7.Auto-grade primers and coatings to avoid rust and corrosion.

8.Top quality top coat colours and treatments to maintain finish.

9. Mortise deadlocks or electronic keypad entry and locking systems.

10.Excellence in design, workmanship and installation for longevity and performance that is guaranteed.

Check out our Doors and Entrances Gallery, and contact us by email or on 0414063250 if we can assist with a consultation.

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